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Our spelling courses follow the principle of multi-sensory teaching using sounds, sight and movement (writing or typing) to teach spelling and to fix it in your mind. Multi-sensory methods are particularly suited to people with spelling difficulties. Students who have strengths in visual memory, but difficulties with auditory perception will benefit from the way our software presents words, as each word, which needs to be typed in has its phonetic representation or picture. It helps also to master proper pronunciation in case a student is not a native English speaker. The lessons start with the most basic spelling skills and gradually build upon skills the student has mastered. The lessons plan is easy to follow. The student will always know on which level he or she is and can successfully plan their future progress.

Why our software is better than any other on the market?

  • We have created a Vocabulary section from which students can print a list of words and familiarise themselves with them before learning and practising spelling.

  • In our spelling lessons we help to get rid of wrong habits straight away. When a mistake is made there is no need to finish the text to be corrected, but the proper spelling is shown immediately after the program recognises the wrong spelling. We will help to eradicate bad habits in the quickest possible way.

  • In our programs we use a special system of bookmarks, which customise programs individually to every student. That means the program acts like a real teacher, who controls a child's progress individually.

  • Homonyms and words with similar pronunciation are displayed to minimise confusion; additionally there is a printable vocabulary list which allows you to familiarise yourself with the words which you don‘t know before a spelling test.

  • To make the study more enjoyable and prevent tedium in spelling lessons we have arranged words in a very methodical way. We used more than 20.000 words and we have made a lot of effort to divide them into small groups, enabling children to comprehend them easily.

  • What really makes the system stand out from the crowd is its simplicity. Usually 10 minutes is enough to understand the instructions and explanations about every aspect of the program.

Try out our online spelling course and enjoy learning and playing.

How you will learn spelling at Spelling School

The youngest students start learning from Elementary Spell. Here our lessons are divided into small units, easy to comprehend. Starting from learning just 7 letters, children will progress to master the whole alphabet. The child will learn how each letter is pronounced, the shape of the letter and its place on the keyboard using a multisensory approach: auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (touching) - the three pathways to learning.
Older children who already know the alphabet can use this software to learn touch-typing. The program is equipped with a timer which records a child's typing speed and his or her progress.

Beginner Spell is designed for children who have not yet learnt how to spell. Therefore lessons are extremely easy but powerful at the same time. Children enjoy using this program as success is inevitable. The Beginner Spelling Course is divided into 8 Parts. In the first part children will learn very short words (4 letters long) in the later parts words are longer. After mastering the first part children will know what spelling is and how to learn and practise. Children will be ready to progress. Each part consist of 100 words, which is divided into 10 chapters. One chapter has only ten words to master, a small step to big success. The child will know what he or she is learning because while a word is pronounced at the same time picture and written forms of the word are displayed. The first task is to copy the word. This task seems very easy, but it is essential for successful progress. Copying words is just like drawing, children enjoy playing, but once the task is successfully completed the child progresses to the real spelling test. That means the written form of the word disappears and now the child has to type the same word from memory. If he or she is unsuccessful the word will be shown to remind the child of its correct spelling. So in this course children will copy words and then type them from memory. It seems very easy but it is really hard work for new spellers, but we have made it as easy to master as possible.
Once the task is finished, the child has the opportunity to practise only words which caused the most trouble. So if the child knows how to type cat but doesn't know how to type bird, then the program will dictate only words which need polishing. That saves a lot of time and speeds up the progress of your child. Once the child has finished learning these words, there comes the last stage of learning - meaning a test. While the children do the test they cannot see the written forms of the words and all 100 words which they have learnt to spell will have to be typed from the memory. Again if the children make any mistakes it will be recorded by the computer and they can try again with these words later on. This way children can master Part one of the Beginner spell and then they are ready to start Part two where they will learn another 100 words. If these lessons seem simple that is good because the aim was to create the simplest method for children to learn. The following parts of Beginner spell (parts 2-8) use the same method of teaching. Once all parts are mastered your child will know how to spell 800 words some of which are really difficult to spell but still essential to master.

Easy Spell is for children who have completed Beginner Spell. Words in Easy Spell are divided into 16 Volumes. The principle is the same. At the beginning the child will learn the shortest words and later longer ones. By using this system progress in spelling is very quick. and children always know which level they have reached and how much is left to learn. Because this course is for children attending primary school they will benefit more from phonetic transcription of the word than from the picture displayed. It is why while practising children hear the words and also see the phonetic transcription. This way children will always know which word they will have to type in in case they cannot understand the pronunciation. Our software is sold all over the world and in many countries pronunciation is somewhat different to the standard Oxford accent. Also it enables deaf children to learn spelling as although they cannot hear the word properly they can see the phonetic transcription of the word which needs to be typed in.
Additionally if a child has to type words which have homophones (words which are pronounced the same way but have different spellings) they can see on the screen homophones which shouldn't be typed in. This way children will avoid confusion and always know what they should type. The Easy Spelling course is quite comprehensive as it contains 6.000 words. Because the child may learn words which are new to them each Volume has a printable list of words which the child will need to master. Before learning he or she can learn the meaning of the words so while learning children understand all the words. In the same way as Beginner Spell all misspelled words are remembered by the computer and this allows children to practise just the ones which cause trouble for them. The score section shows all misspelled words and correct spelling for children to print out. This way they can monitor their progress and learn difficult words before bedtime. Once children master Easy Spell they are ready to go one level higher and use the Power Spell course, but if they are not totally successful in mastering Easy Spell then they should use Logic Spell to polish and reinforce their skills before moving on to Power Spell.

Logic Spell is the fourth part of Fohandnag’s Spelling Course. Logic Spell was specially designed for children with a weakness in English language field. Words here are divided in a specific way. The program is suitable for children age 10 to 12. About 6000 words are listed according to the second, rather than the first letter of the word - a more defining feature of the overall shape of the word. For example the second letter "a" in a group like: dancer, danger or dawdle is pronounced differently, but because these words are placed together you know that the second letter is "a" and not "e" or "o". Suitable for dyslexic people of all ages.

Logic Spell consists of 10 Chapters:
Chapter 01 (words with a second letter "a"),
Chapter 02 (words with a second letter "e"),
Chapter 03 (words with a second letter "i"),
Chapter 04 (words with a second letter "o"),
Chapter 05 (words with a second letter "u"),
Chapter 06 (words with a second letter "r"),
Chapter 07 (words with a second letter "x, v or y"),
Chapter 08 (words with a second letter "n, h or l"),
Chapter 09 (words with a second letter "c, p, t or w"),
Chapter 10 (words with all the other letters in the second place).

This method is also recommended if you are planning on becoming a spelling bee champion. By placing all English words into 10 chapters with common features children can memorise them methodically. 

Power Spell contains 10.000 words divided into 22 Parts. In the first parts students will find the most common words and in the later parts more advanced or sophisticated words. Once they have finished Power Spell students should have no further problem with spelling and no additional software is required to master this skill. This course is best for students learning English as a second language. While practising spelling they will also increase the knowledge about new words. For those who enjoy spelling and would like to progress even further we created Champion Spell.

Champion Spell is also divided into 22 Parts and contains another 10.000 words but none of these are easy to spell. The spelling lists are taken from national spelling bee competitions. Children can check their ability to compete at the highest difficult level. For some very dedicated students even the challenge of Champion Spell is insufficient to slake their thirst for more knowledge and for this reason we have created Universal Spell which allows students and teachers to customise spelling lists and practise them using Fohandnag's system the same way as they practice so far.

Universal Spell is our latest and most revolutionary program of the Fohandnag's System. Here the student or the teacher can create customised spelling tests, general knowledge quizzes, learning foreign vocabulary tests and many more. Click on the link to learn more.

So don't waste your time. Start practising today. Use our free online lessons to check if Fohandnag's Spelling System is what you are looking for. And if you like them order our software which will help you find the easy way to succeed in spelling.

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