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Spelling Limited was founded by Nick Reignger in 2009 after his successful development of educational software for helping English and foreign students or dyslexic people to improve their spelling skills. Nick Reignger has specialized in psychiatry in Poland and came to the United Kingdom in 1996. The acceleration of the ability to study has always been his field of interest. He has discovered the best way to improve the faculty to memorise quickly and efficiently.

In 2002 he published his first book "I Love My Vocabulary". This first successful brain program has been specially designed to help with the study of languages. The aim was to increase the speed of learning and improve verbal skills. It was designed to improve people’s reading and writing and to increase understanding of words. The book was more than just a learning tool; it was a game people enjoyed playing.

In 2004 Nick Reignger received a patent for his Word Forming Game. By using this game the ability to solve all sorts of puzzles and crosswords was immediately enhanced and the motivation to learn new words was increased.
In 2008 he finished his project to create educational software aimed to improve English spelling. A whole set of lessons was created, from learning the alphabet to becoming a champion in spelling bee competitions.

The second director Ewa Reignger who joined the company in 2010 had been studying Polish Philology and acts as an administrator. Her input into development of the company is crucial because of her professional commitment, expertise and financial support.


Spelling School is a UK Learning Provider, ref.no. 10031732 and specialises in supplying on line software designed to teach touch-typing and English spelling skills among children and adults interested in building greater language confidence. We also provide spelling support for dyslexic children and we specialise in teaching English spelling from the complete beginner to champions in Spelling Bee Competitions.
In order to create the software which we are selling at present we had to cooperate with many people, some of whom still help us.

Gemma Boswell used her voice for Beginner Spell and Easy Spell

Sonia Raj used her voice for Logic Spell

David Steel used his voice for Elementary Spell and Power Spell

Steve Boyle used his voice-over for the Champion Spell

At present the company is growing and establishing its place on the market as products are becoming ever increasingly popular. Starting from their home office in Oxford, Spelling Limited established a new office in Huston, USA and Shenzhen, China.

We run a shop on line where lessons can be downloaded. Each course can be purchased individually to make learning more flexible and help you to become a spelling master in the shortest possible time.

Our business can be divided into 2 operational areas: educational software development and on line teaching provision. The software is designed to be provided through many channels: Internet (downloads), schools teaching English as a foreign language, primary schools and dyslexia centres.

The designer has tried to create software which is highly user friendly . Programs are the fastest among those currently available on the market and we are happy to share them with you - our highly valued clients.

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