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A brief message for adults.

Children can happily play with the programs on their own but will also gain even more from adult participation. For children to learn effectively, they need help from adults. Nowhere is this help more obvious that in the language field. By listening to words repeatedly and then typing them, children can master spelling and pronunciation. They will learn through experience, not by just having a boring set of rules to read for English spelling.

Our programs are intended to help adults and children share the enjoyment of learning. To accomplish that goal, the program is equipped with a Score Section where everybody can monitor his or her individual progress. The adults can check and print out the results and when they are satisfied, reward their children accordingly. Modern research has shown that when parents devote time to their children, performance in the classroom is much more likely to be successful.

A-Z Spelling Course

You can purchase all of Fohandnag's Spelling Courses with a 50% discount! This is a promotion of spelling courses for the whole family. For 150.00 you can have Elementary Spell, Beginner Spell, Easy Spell, Logic Spell, Power Spell, Champion Spell and Universal Spell. Thereby all of your children can enjoy the various stages of mastering spelling, year after year with the older children helping their younger siblings. Simply fill in the form below and we will send you special offer, as twice a year we send invitations to parents to buy discounted products from us.
If you have any questions or would like to participate in our educational program please contact us. We are very happy to cooperate and help you and your child to achieve the highest possible standard of spelling.

Try out our online spelling course to learn about its powerful but very simple features.
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