Spelling School, Oxford

On this page you can download the Champion Spell Course. To run this program you will have to activate it. The activation password will be sent to you after you have purchased activation number at our shop.

We will forward the activation number to the email address which you gave to us through PayPal, within 24 hours of placing your order.

Click on the link to download

Champion Spell.P01, Champion Spell.P02,

Champion Spell.P03, Champion Spell.P04,

Champion Spell.P05, Champion Spell.P06,

Champion Spell.P07, Champion Spell.P08,

Champion Spell.P09, Champion Spell.P10,

Champion Spell.P11, Champion Spell.P12,

Champion Spell.P13, Champion Spell.P14,

Champion Spell.P15, Champion Spell.P16,

Champion Spell.P17, Champion Spell.P18,

Champion Spell.P19, Champion Spell.P20,

Champion Spell.P21, Champion Spell.P22.

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