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Easy Spell - third part of Fohandnag's Spelling Course for students age 8 to 10.

  • very fast-paced training - become a first class speller at the speed which suits you best.
  • a special bookmark feature records misspelled words that will be repeated until spelling is mastered.
  • a vast vocabulary (more than 6.000 words) is included.
  • the program pronounces words and displays their phonetic symbols.
  • this course can help you become the best speller in your class or school.
  • the words are arranged in a special way so that children can progress quickly.
  • while playing students feel immediately a sense of achievement and increased motivation to study
  • the Score Section allows you to monitor the learning progress or print out words that you have misspelled. You can study them later at your leisure.

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This course is divided into 16 Volumes and each Volume consists of 10 Sections so that children will not be overwhelmed by a vast vocabulary.

Easy Spell 01

The whole course comprises about 6,000 words. The words are arranged in a special way so that children can progress quickly and immediately feel a sense of achievement.

Easy spell has all the features of beginner spell, the main difference is that instead of pictures being displayed children can see the pronunciation of the word. It helps them to understand the word which needs to be typed in. If your hearing is impaired you can still use this program to learn and practise spelling because the words are displayed phonetically. This feature was also added to help students from all over the world to use it. We tried our best to pronounce words clearly and correctly, but to satisfy everyone seemed impossible. Many people in Africa or Asia speak with different accents and for them the Oxford accent may seem too difficult to understand. With this program they can read the displayed pronunciation to clarify exactly which word should be typed in.

Easy Spell 02

Because there is a special arrangement of words children will enjoy this program as everyone will be able to feel that they are making progress. To achieve this we put the shortest words in the first parts. Shortest also means the easiest to learn, so in the first three Volumes there are words with 3 or 4 letters. Every student should master them in a very short time. Volumes 4 to 7 contain words with 5 or 6 letters in them. Volumes 8 to 12 contain words with 7 or 8 letters in them. The final part of the program, Volumes 13 to 16, contains words with 9 or more letters.

To print the vocabulary used in Easy spell go to the Vocabulary section and click print.

Easy Spell 03

This example will show you how you can quickly become skilled at spelling.

1. Create about 10 Bookmarks. Read the instructions to learn how to create them.
2. Click on the Bookmarks button to see the list you have created.

Easy Spell 04

3. Practise your bookmarked words until their spelling is mastered (read the instructions to learn how to practise them). To see the result of your progress, go to the Score section from time to time to see which words are causing you the biggest problems. Reset your Score and practise again.

Easy Spell 05

4. Continue practising your bookmarked words a few days later, and again some time after that, until you stop making mistakes. Then go through all the words in the program for a final check on your spelling skill. If you are able to spell all of the words easily and confidently, you are ready for the next level of the spelling program.


Easy Spell is the third part of Fohandnag’s spelling course and it helps children to become confident spellers. You will also have a strong basis to learn and increase your vocabulary.
Once you master this course you will become one of the best spellers in your age group and for sure you will not have any problems in mastering Logic or Power Spell.

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