Spelling School, Oxford
How it works?

Fohandnag's System firstly tests your spelling and records any misspelled word by means of bookmarks. The list of bookmarks is created automatically whilst you are practising. This feature allows you to concentrate later only on the words which you have misspelled.

Secondly it encourages you to spell properly even if you think spelling is impossible. You have to type the words correctly otherwise you will not be able to proceed, so it is challenging, but also fun.

Thirdly it drastically accelerates the process of learning by repeating continuously only misspelled words until the spelling is mastered.

Lastly it evaluates your progress by means of the Score section, so you will always know if there is room for improvement and if you are ready for the next level.

This is just a simple presentation of Fohandnag's System. The full program enables you to print the Score and add or delete Bookmarks. It also allows you to learn Bookmarked words the next day, as all of them are recorded on your computer, so you will save a lot of time by learning only the words you need to focus on.

Is this Spelling Course suitable for dyslexic people?

If you are dyslexic, don't miss this opportunity - it will change your life. This is the Spelling Course you have been looking for. Practise, and you will become a spelling master. The program has been specially targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia). Suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools as well as at home.
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