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Power Spell - fifth part of Fohandnag’s Spelling Course for students age 12 to 14.

  • this is the most popular program for children, adults or business people of all nationalities who wish to quickly improve their spelling.
  • a true multi-sensory approach to learning, employing both visual and auditory media.
  • a vast vocabulary - more than 10.000 words is included.
  • this course guarantees you'll have no more problems with spelling.
  • Power Spell is also ideal for use in International Language Schools as it helps students to extend their English vocabulary in addition to improving their spelling. Each lesson includes a printable spelling list. Before beginning to learn you can check if you know the meaning of words.
  • a teaching method that works, using the power of Fohandnag's Spelling System.
  • the Score Section allows you to monitor the learning progress or print out words that you have misspelled. You can study them later at your leisure.

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The Home page:

Power Spell 01

As you can see, power spell uses the familiar simplicity of Fohandnag’s system and words are additionally divided into 5 sections starting with the shortest words (2, 3 and 4 letters) and ending with more difficult words with 8 or more letters. So in the first part of Power Spell in Section 1 you will learn words like baby, bag, blue, box, bus and in section 5 you will learn words like afternoon, beautiful, daughter, excellent, Happy Birthday and so on.

As with all of Fohandnag’s spelling courses there is a printable spelling list so you can look at the vocabulary before you start.

Power Spell 04

It is frustrating trying to learn how to spell English words if you don’t know their meaning. So spend some time studying them before starting, and increase your vocabulary at the same time. It is very useful for students who study English as a second language. Especially for them we have also added pronunciation so they can improve their verbal skill while practising spelling. Pronunciation causes a lot of problems for people from Asia as their language group doesn’t originate from Latin and to pronounce our vowels or consonants is quite difficult for them.

Power Spell 02

To reduce confusion, in case a homophones (words which sound the same but have different spelling) need to be typed in we display all homophones which should be omitted when exercising. Have a look at the picture below.

Power Spell 06

When you finish, or whenever you wish, you can go to the Score section where you will be able to view or print the errors you have made along with the correct spelling of those words. You will be able to reset the score and start from the beginning again.

Power Spell 03

For speedy learning we have the bookmark section where you can amend the list of words which you would like to learn. Just remember to practise in learning mode. That means if you want the program to dictate just words which you have misspelled instead of pressing Enter on your keyboard press the Tab key.

Power Spell 05

While learning bookmarked words the program allows you to decide when you have mastered them. These words will be repeated by the program continuously until you feel confident and decide it is time to start something else. To speed up your learning and shorten the time spent with this program always try to delete words from the bookmarks list once you know their spelling.


For the majority of people Power Spell is the most advanced spelling program that they will undertake. It is efficient and fun and particularly suitable for native English speakers age 12 to 14 and foreign students of any age who are looking to quickly improve their spelling skills.

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