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Become a spelling teacher

Have you ever considered the idea of becoming a teacher of English spelling either as a means of earning money or as a way of contributing to the Community?

By utilising Fohandnag’s System, you can set up as a freelance teacher and enjoy a new and rewarding lifestyle.

Think of the advantages:

- no more routine 9-5 job
- you choose your own working hours and working location (perhaps in your own home or in the houses of your students)
- you choose which projects to handle
- maintain your work-life balance whilst gaining more income enjoy the satisfaction associated with successful teaching

How does it work?

You will need to satisfy the following essential criteria:

a) you must be at least 21 years of age
b) you should deliver two essays of at least 500 words each to Spelling School (see later note for essay titles)
c) you must have ready access to the Internet
d) you should have the ability to teach in a structured and coherent manner you should be able to use our programs in a professional way

ESSAY ONE: - why would you like to become a spelling teacher, and who would you like to teach?

ESSAY TWO: - write about job opportunities in your area. Are there schools, dyslexia centres or spelling bee competitions which you can attend and introduce yourself?

What does it cost?

To start up you will need to purchase our software from Beginner Spell to Universal Spell.

After that there is an annual licence fee of 50 (free for the first year).

This licence means that your students will not have to pay if they use our software on your computer. You will not be permitted to sell our software to your students. If they wish to purchase for themselves they must do so through www.spellingschool.com

We don’t provide jobs, but we will help you to target potential customers. We will advertise your readiness to teach on our website. We will also deliver updates to the teachers’ spelling software as and when they are developed. We will send you, electronically, posters and leaflets which you can print and distribute in your chosen area. And, of course, you will receive a diploma from Spelling School which entitles you to use our software and shows your competence.

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