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1. Getting Started

Click on the Enter button and you will enter the Home Page. There you can start practising your spelling.
Before doing that, you can view and print the list of words you are going to practise in the Vocabulary Page. Simply click on the Vocabulary button and then the Print button.

To start learning, or to test yourself, click on Section 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, type in the word you hear, and press Enter. The program will check your spelling, and if the spelling is correct it will dictate the next word to you. If you spell the word incorrectly, the program will show you the correct spelling for 2 seconds, and then allow you to type it again afterwards.

The incorrectly typed word will be bookmarked, allowing you to spell it again later. This aspect personalises the program, so keep it to yourself. You don’t want non-authorised users changing your bookmarks. You can, of course, clear or amend your list of bookmarks whenever you wish. But by default, the bookmarks will not be erased even after you exit the program. The bookmarks allow you to concentrate on words you have misspelled or added to your list. It is an especially useful feature of the Fohandnag's Spelling Course, and helps you learn more quickly.

2. How to Use the Score Page

Once you complete all sections, you will be taken to the Score Page where you will be able to view and print a list of misspelled words.

Your score will be the number of correct spellings compared to the total number of spelled words. You can also reset the Score and list of misspelled words any time you want to make a clean start. Remember to print the list, as it will be erased from the program's memory as soon as you quit the program.

3. How to Learn Bookmarked Words

First, you will have to create a list of bookmarks. Afterwards go to the Home Page and click the Section 1 button. You will next hear a word, which you should type in. Once you have typed the word, please do not press Enter. Instead press the Tab key on you keyboard.
The program will check your spelling and if the word is spelled correctly it will dictate one of your bookmarked words to you. If you spell that word incorrectly, it will show you the correct spelling for 2 seconds, and will allow you to type it again.

Keep pressing the Tab key instead of the Enter key, and the program will dictate one bookmarked word after the other.

When the program reaches the end of the list of bookmarked words, it will reverse the process and move in the opposite direction (i.e. to the beginning of the list) and vice versa when it again reaches the beginning of the list, it will move to the end of the list.
So, by means of the Tab key, you can move backwards and forwards through your bookmarked word list, until you master the spelling of all the words.

4. How to Create a List of Bookmarks

Words are automatically bookmarked whenever you make a spelling mistake. But if you want to add a word anyway, simply press Enter after you hear the word, and that word will be added to your List of Bookmarks.

5. How to Clear or Amend Your List of Bookmarks

To delete a bookmarked word from the list click on the Bookmarks button. Click on the word you want to delete, and press the Delete button. Repeat the action to delete the next word from the list. Click on the Clear All button and OK, ONLY if you want to start a new list of bookmarks.

6. How to Hear a Word Again

To hear a word again while practising, just press the F12 key on your keyboard. Alternatively, click on the Repeat button on your screen.

7. How to Make a note of a Word for Reference

Click on the Notebook button, and you will be taken to the Notebook Page, where you can type in anything you like and print it later. You can leave notes on this page about words that cause you the biggest problems, or just add a new word or type the definition of an unknown word, and so on.

8. How will I activate the program?

When you receive a new Product Password, you can activate your software, and use it immediately.

Activation steps:
Step 1. Run the program. The Activation Page will be displayed.
Step 2. Insert your Activation Password and press Enter.
Now your software will be activated.
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