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Beginner Spell - Second part of Fohandnag’s Spelling Course for children age 6 for 8.

  • spelling course for children who have just learned the alphabet.
  • master the spelling of 800 words - the program pronounces words and displays relevant pictures.
  • study just those words which caused trouble for the student.
  • prepare for learning to spell by printing a list of words used in the program.
  • a fun approach to help your child develop and practise at home the skills they will need in school.

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Have a look at screenshots of Beginner Spell

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Beginner Spell consists of 8 parts. It contains about 800 words to learn.
When you open the program you will go to the homepage.

Beginner Spell 01

When you learn small groups of words your progress is quicker. This is why we have divided each part into 10 sections. Each section contains about 10 words to learn.
Choose a section and start to learn. For example when you click on section 1 you will see a word and a corresponding picture. You will also hear how the word is pronounced. You will have to copy the word into the box provided and try to memorise the sequence of the letters.

Beginner Spell 02

When you finish simply press Enter and then you will have the opportunity to type the same word from memory. That means you will not see the word, but you will see the picture and hear the pronunciation.

Beginner Spell 03

This way for the first time a child learns how to spell. After typing the word press enter. The program will check if the word is typed correctly. If it is, then the program will show you the next word to learn, but if you have made an error then the program displays the correct spelling so that you can see the mistake and type the word again. All misspelled words are recorded by the computer so that after you finish the lesson you can see your score. You will also see the words which caused you trouble. You can print the list out and concentrate on perfecting your spelling of these troublesome words.

Beginner Spell 04

Before you start to learn you can visit the Vocabulary section and print the list of words. It can help you to become familiar with them and better prepare for studying.

Beginner Spell 05

When you are familiar with the words and confident that you know how to spell them then it is time for a test. Click on the Exam button and the program will test your skills. You will have to type word after word and the program will be checking your spelling. If you make a mistake, again the program will show you the correct spelling and allow you to type it again. All misspelled words will be recorded by the computer and displayed in the score section.
Also, misspelled words will be bookmarked. That means that after you finish the test you will have the opportunity to study just those words which caused trouble for you. To use that function you will have to click on the exam button and type the word you hear, but when you have done so, don’t press the Enter button, press the Tab button and the program will dictate another word which you have misspelled. This function allows you to learn just words which you have found difficult.
Additionally you can view a list of bookmarked words and, if you wish, amend them.

Beginner Spell 06

The Bookmark feature allows you to practise misspelled words even a few days later as they stay in the computer’s memory after you close the program. It allows you to practise just the words you need to focus on, whenever you like.


Beginner Spell is the second part of Fohandnag’s Spelling Course. Suitable for children age 6 to 8. It comprises eight progressive lessons which enables the user to master the spelling of eight hundred words. It is very simple to use. Everything is straightforward and user friendly. The program uses a fun approach to help your child develop and practise at home the skills they will need in school. Enjoy learning and spelling while you play!

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